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Review by Insightsintobooks -- The Nobel Prize

Review by Insightsintobooks -- The Nobel Prize

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[Following is the official review of "The Nobel Prize" by Mois benarroch.]

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The Nobel Prize by Mois Benarroch is a short story that tells of a descent into madness as well as the life of a writer. The narrator, a writer, participated in a writing club twenty years earlier. He learns from another writer who was in the club that Jorge has gone mad. Jorge has been committed to a mental institution. He becomes a character from one of his books everyday.

The narrator goes to visit Jorge and thinks that he would make a good character for a book. While he is there he meets a nurse named Eva. He befriends Eva and learns more about Jorge from her. He also meets Lextra, a woman who is divorced and an alien from another planet.

The narrator tells us with a bit of humor about the life of a writer. He tells it from the perspective of a writer looking for a story. He explains what it is like not to hear from publishers and the struggles that being a writer can bring. After visiting his friend, the narrator starts to question his sanity at times.

We are also given a look at how a writer can become their characters, in this case literally. We are shown throughout the book how each of a writer's characters are part of the writer himself. I liked this aspect of the book.

There were some parts of this book that I found confusing, but I think this may have been intentional due to the plot of the book. However, I think that this could have been remedied while still keeping the substance of the book. Despite that I was a bit confused at the beginning, the plot was well written. I was surprised at the ending. I think that everything came together well in the end.

There were some mechanical errors in this book. Sadly, one of these errors was on the first page. There was a period in the middle of a sentence. This ruined the book for me, a little, as I couldn't seem to forget about it.

Overall, I enjoyed the content of the book. I liked how the narrator developed in the book. I think that the topic of a writer becoming his characters was interesting. I think this would be a good book for anyone interested in the psychology of the mind and the life of a writer. Despite my confusion in the beginning and the mechanical errors, I think this book deserves 3 out of 4 stars.

The Nobel Prize 
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